Educational Outreach

Our goal is to ensure that every student in the Tri-Valley is provided with an opportunity to experience the arts each year through educational activities. LVPAC presents performances at schools and at the Bankhead Theater and provides free monthly family events, as well as workshops and master classes with visiting artists. Portions of these activities are underwritten through generous contributions and matching gifts to our education fund.

Educational Activities

Throughout the year, LVPAC funds a number of cultural arts programs, free family events, workshops and master classes, in-school performances, the East Bay Jazz High School All-Stars program, as well as helps subsidize $20 student tickets for all LVPAC Presents performances. Portions of these activities are underwritten through generous contributions and matching gifts to our education fund.

Just Released Education Outreach video! Preview of our arts education programs.

Filipino Barrio Fiesta, October 7

Dandia , October 6

Taste Of Africa, October 6

Cheza Nami Foundation presents the 7th Annual extravaganza and adventure into African Culture- A Taste of AFRICA in Downtown Livermore at the Bankhead Theater Plaza. It was a day-long event and present the celebration of culture and diversity and activities include children’s craft and instrument exploration, face painting, vendor booths, traveling art exhibit and outdoor stage performances by local artists showcasing music and dance from select African and diaspora communities.

Native American Celebration, September 28

Choosing Love for Livermore, August 16

Scarlett Lewis experienced something that no parent should ever have to endure: she lost her son Jesse in an act of unimaginable violence. The day started just like any other, but when a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Scarlett’s life changed forever. Scarlett say’s an angry thought can be changed. The Choose Love Movement is teaching children and adults how they can choose love and we have started Choose Love Movements all over the World. The Sandy Hook tragedy started with an angry thought in the shooter’s head. But we can change those angry thoughts into loving thoughts. Our mission is to teach kids that they have control over their thoughts and put them to work for them. Making kids aware that they have to power to control their thoughts and all the benefits of turning their angry thoughts into loving thoughts is the Choose Love Movement.

View the Kron4 video here.

View NBC BAY AREA video here.

Back to School Celebration, August 11

For the second year, Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center will host students and their families at a Back-to-School Celebration featuring opportunities to experience and explore art, music, and science at the Bankhead Theater. It was held on, the last Saturday before the new school years starts, the event will include an immersive planetarium experience, live music performances, storytime with local children’s’ book authors, and hands-on science, arts and crafts activities. The event is offered in partnership with Top Science of Tri-Valley, LARPD, and bitsbytesandpixels. Over 400 people enjoyed the event. Over 170 people enjoyed the Planetarium.

International Yoga Day, June 21

In honor of International Yoga Day, a free outdoor yoga and meditation session was held in  the Shea Homes Plaza outside the
Bankhead Theater. The third IYD was celebrated in the Heart of Livermore Downtown, and hundreds of people bending, stretching and twisting their bodies to different yogic asanas. The event was Instructor by Dragonfly Yoga + Wellness and Joya Yoga, Omni fitness


Mariachi De Mexico Education outreach, MAY 4 

As part of Bankhead Theater Education outreach, Maestro Jose Delgado Mariachi Sol de Mexico is support the local youth mariachi ensemble. Jose will lead the education outreach. 26 students and adults got an opportunity to interact with the Band. This way students get a better sense of the elements that go into performance and witness the musicians play during a working session.



Second Annual Innovation Fair “Art in Technology” – APR 14 

Thank you to all who participated in the 2nd annual largest Educational Outreach effort of the year. The Livermore Innovation Fair is a FREE family-friendly event that is part science fair, high-tech exhibition, art show, and community celebration. Designed to energize and engage K-12 students, Innovation Fair promotes connection with the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) curriculum.

Your excellent demonstrations, thoughtful questions, and creative exhibits were amazing. Your participation made a powerful impact on the community. Over thousands of people witnessed the event. More Pictures 


East Bay Jazz High School All Stars Sunday, March 11
Bothwell Arts center hosted East Bay Jazz High School All-Stars Band. Headed by director Spencer Sussman, the East Bay Jazz High School All Stars program offer students a priceless opportunity for real world performance experience. Selected by audition each fall, the group performs both in a big band format as well as a smaller Jazz Combo, made up of students selected specifically for their ability to improvise  LVPAC supports the group by identifying performance opportunities and providing some financial support through the Educational Fund.



Chinese New Year Celebration – February 2018

Hundreds gathered at the Bankhead to celebrate the Year of the Brown Dog. The dramatic lion dance, one of the most familiar Chinese New Year traditions, was performed by KungFu Dragon USA who also presented an exhibition of martial arts. Xiaopei Chinese Dance offered several short dances and two presentations were offered on “Chinese Health and Healing: The Art of QiGong” and the Dragon School of  Oakland’s innovative community street art program. Lantern and brown dog puppet crafts, as well as traditional dumplings and noodles, were available inside the lobby.



DLux Puppets “Alice in Wonderland” School Show — February 2018

Remarkable puppetry and clever digital scenery brings to life the classic tale of Alice’s journey through the marvelous world of the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts.  A fun musical adaptation sure to appeal to kids, DLux Puppets and LVPAC  brought elementary school students in for a morning show, in addition to a  Sunday family matinee.


Las Positas College Field Trip – February 2018

More than a dozen students enrolled in Las Positas College’s MUS 37: Commercial Business and Music Industry class were welcomed at the Bankhead. They received a facility tour and short Q&A presentation by key staff on the many career opportunities in the performing arts — from management and fundraising, to backstage crew, concessions and graphic arts.


Holiday Ornament Making – December 2017 

LVPAC brought holiday arts and crafts into Junction School in December. Guided by volunteer arts leaders, students in 4th and 5th grade had the opportunity to put their imagination to work creating an ornament to take home for the holidays.  This year students used pine cones and paint to create their own colorful winter owls.



Free Family Concert and Instrument Petting Zoo – December 2017    

LVPAC brought together Livermore-Amador Symphony and guest, Valley Dance Theatre, for the 3rd annual free family concert. Featured were holiday favorites and selections offered by Valley Dance Theatre from their production of “The Nutcracker.” An instrument petting zoo offered a priceless opportunity to interact with the musicians and their instruments before attendees departed for the Downtown Livermore Holiday Parade.



STEAM Fest – November 2017

Livermore Valley Performing teamed with Livermore Valley Unified School District to offer STEAM Fest for students in grades K-10 with a variety of workshops covering topics from robotics to the science of drawing. Held this year at Marylin Avenue Elementary School, the six hands-on sessions included topics such as “Defeat the Zombie with Java” and “Star Wars: The Program Awakens,” the science of drawing, circuit art, NAO Robots, and Python.

“Art, the ‘A’ in STEAM, is a vital element in providing a holistic curriculum for students in the 21 st century and beyond,” said Kiran Guleria, Education Program Manager for LVPAC. “STEAM programs are changing the landscape of the classroom for today’s students. It has always been part of LVPAC’s mission to share the arts with students in our community and to help connect the element of artistic creativity to the rest of their learning experience. STEAM Fest is one of the many ways we do that throughout the year.”

The two-hour STEAM Fest workshops were led by teachers from Devoxx4Kids whose founder, Arun Gupta, is especially enthusiastic about partnering with LVPAC for this event.  The event also received a generous grant from the Hindu Community and Cultural Center, Shiva Hindu Temple, as well as a sponsorship from Trivalleycoderdojo to provide use of laptop computers and other technology for use during workshops.


Workshop with Native American Flute Master R. Carlos Nakai and
Native American Celebration on the Plaza – 
September 2017

R. Carlos Nakai, master of the Native American wood flute, together with lyraharp guitarist William Eaton and percussionist Will Clipman offered Livermore’s 2nd grade students a window into the world of Native American music and music making on September 21.

In celebration of California’s Native American Day, on September 22, a free family event on the plaza showcased demonstrations of tipi building, dancing and singing as well as artifacts, crafts and food.

Both events were offered in association with Livermore’s American Indian Center working with the center’s director Mary Puthoff who has dedicated more than three decades to preserving and sharing the music, dances and other cultural traditions of American Indian tribes.



Diwali: Celebration of the Lights – October 2017

A free Diwali event was offered on the Bankhead Plaza on October 22. Honoring an ancient Hindu festival in Nepal and India, Diwali is a harvest festival marking the last harvest of the year before the start of winter and spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.  The community event included such traditional Diwali activities as diya decorations, henna, rangoli art, Indian classical songs and dancing, as well as a storytelling of the history and meaning of Diwali and free craft projects for children.


Summer Music Camp with Derik Nelson and Family – August 2017

For five exhilarating days in August, siblings Derik, Riana and Dalten Nelson shared their remarkable musical talents with a dozen local students ranging from 12-17. The workshop focused on singing, songwriting and performance techniques, challenging students to acquire new skills and build additional confidence along the way.

The end-of-week performance was described by one parent as “awe-inspiring” but what meant the most to the students was the kind and nurturing creative environment the Nelsons offered.  LVPAC is exploring the possibilities of bringing back the Nelsons for another music camp in 2018. Stay tuned for more information!

Student Tickets

Discounted Student Tickets (21 & under) are available for most of our LVPAC Presents ($20) and Resident Company performances (prices vary)! Bring a valid student ID to purchase your ticket, or to pick-up from will-call. There is a one ticket limit per student; prices and availability are subject to change. Enjoy the performance!

How getting involved in performing arts can help your child

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At Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, we strive to not only provide incredible entertainment but also to enrich the minds of our audience. Part of that includes grabbing the attention of young people.

Studies have shown that involvement in the arts is associated with improvement in math, reading, critical thinking, problem-solving and more. The benefits don’t end in the classroom, however.

  1. Those that enroll in the arts, whether music, dance or drama, tend to have more advanced self-presentation skills than their peers. In turn, that leads to greater confidence and poise in stressful situations.
  2. The arts offer an ideal platform for self-expression. For example, children that play an instrument often find their music to be therapeutic. That means that while they may not be mature enough to talk yet about emotions like an adult, they can still express them in a highly effective manner.
  3. Performing arts makes great exercise. Think about how physically fit a singer must be to hold notes for an extended period of time!
  4. Problem-solving and perseverance can come from being involved in the arts. Let’s say that your child is involved in a play. From start to finish, they will have to learn collaboration and develop a number of reasoning and critical thinking skills, in addition to motivation and concentration.
  5. Being a part of the arts can promote empathy and compassion. You might be thinking to yourself that all of the previously mentioned benefits can be attained by getting your child into sports. That may be true, but performing arts can also grow your child’s interpersonal skills. As opposed to winning and losing, the arts deals primarily with working toward a performance goal, as well as the child’s individual development throughout the process.


Educational Outreach

We want to provide every student in the Tri-Valley with a chance to experience the arts through educational activities. That’s why LVPAC presents performances at schools and at the Bankhead Theater and provides free monthly events, workshops, master classes with visiting artists and so many more fun opportunities.

As you’ll see on our Educational Outreach page, LVPAC funds The Easy Bay Jazz All-Stars, as well as other programs in the area. Students can enjoy tickets to the family-friendly Bankhead Theater events for just $16.

Recent Educational Outreach Events

  • Run Boy Run concert – In November, our audience enjoyed a performance by the winners of the prestigious Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Contest. Folks of all ages loves the sound of the traditional style of the Appalachian South.
  • A master class with Scottish vocalist, Julie Fowlis, whose voice was featured in Disney’s Brave.
  • Family holiday performance – This event included performances by Livermore-Amador Symphony, Cantabella Children’s Chorus and Valley Dance Theatre. Children were also invited to get up close and personal with the musician’s instruments following the performance.
  • Christmas ornament craft workshop – LVPAC hosted this event Dec. 14 and it was a huge success as children and their parents created homemade ornaments for the holiday season.

If your child is interested in the performing arts, LVPAC has plenty of opportunities for them to get started. Feel free to contact us for more information.

And don’t forget that 2017 will be filled with unforgettable operas, ballet, theatre, concerts, holiday events and more.

Three Gold Medal Winning Livermore Wines Supporting Arts Education

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wine-box_250x300This unique gift box features three Gold Medal-winning Livermore Valley wines in the 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition; packed in a natural pine wooden box with the Livermore Arts Bankhead Theater logo. Includes one bottle each of Mia Nipote 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1846 by Nottingham Cellars 2014 Chardonnay, and Cuda Ridge Wines 2013 Malbec. All proceeds support the LVPAC Education Fund.
Purchase must be picked up at the Bankhead Theater lobby between 12 noon – 6 pm.



How to Contribute

Help us share the performing arts with children. To learn more about these programs that support school and family performances and student tickets or to donate by phone or mail, please contact our Education staff at 925-583-2312 or email us for assistance.

Support for Education Programs (PDF)



Matinee School Shows

DLUX Puppets will return this season to the Bankhead Theater with two visually stunning and entertaining family shows, fun musical adaptations of the beloved tales of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Peter Pan.” The multimedia retellings use state-of-the-art digitally-projected scenery, high-quality life-sized puppetry, and actors, weaving in popular songs from past decades. “Alice in Wonderland” will be shown on Monday, December 3, 2018, for two performances and DLUX Puppets’ new production of “Peter Pan” will be presented on Monday, March 25th, 2019 at the Bankhead.

The show can be reserved by submitting Matinee form 2018 .


Pow- Pow “Native American Celebration”
, September 28, 4 pm- 6 pm


Taste of Africa
, Oct 6, 10 am – 6 pm

Cheza Nami Foundation presents the 7th Annual extravaganza and adventure into African Culture- A Taste of AFRICA in Downtown Livermore at the Bankhead Theater Plaza. This Free event brings you a celebration of culture and diversity and activities include children’s craft and instrument exploration, face painting, vendor booths, traveling art exhibit and outdoor stage performances by local artists showcasing music and dance from select African and diaspora communities. Stop by our photo booth and take home a memory with you. No passport or air ticket needed!

More information is here


, Oct 6, 7 pm – 10 pm

Dandiya Raas – a traditional folk dance form of Gujarat & Rajasthan, India. This dance form is actually the staging of a mock-fight between Goddess Durga and Mahishasura, the mighty demon-king. Join Asha for Education to dance the night away to support our fight to get Education for EVERY CHILD in India with DJ Ramsey.

We are here to get your legs moving and Dandiya sticks flying… If you are a novice or just looking get back into the groove we have free lessons starting at 8:00 PM. The steps are basic and most people pick up the dance within 30 minutes of the lesson.
Tickets: purchase here.


Filipino Barrio Fiesta
, October 7, 11 am- 2 pm

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center and Livermore Fil-Am will celebrate Filipino American History Month with Filipino Barrio Fiesta on Sunday, October 7. This year’s theme is the Trinity of Past, Present, Future. Throughout the event, there will be performances by the Livermore Fil-Am Dance Troupe, Kali Association of America, DJ Bitesize, Arthur Barinque and Denise Bridges, and Granada Hip Hop Club to name a few. The keynote speaker this year will be Robyn Rodriguez, Professor and Department Chair of Asian American Studies at UC Davis. An altar will be on display to pay respect to those Fil-Am that came before. Throughout the day there will be Filipino food available for sale, a historical exhibit showcasing Filipino American art, culture, and history, an awards presentation, as well as a mental health awareness area. There will also be a community map project which will allow people to trace their family’s immigration from parts of the world to America. Throughout the day there will be food items available, and an exhibit showcasing Filipino art, culture, and history, as well as traditional costumes. Join us to learn more about Filipino culture


Diwali Mela ( Festival of Light)
, Nov. 3, 11 am- 2 pm

An ancient Hindu festival in Nepal and India, Diwali, the Festival of Lights is celebrated in autumn or spring every year. The tradition originated as a festival marking the last harvest of the year before the start of winter and spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. The festival is celebrated for five continuous days, with the third day honored as the central Diwali festival or “Festival of the Lights.” Join us this FREE family event to learn more about the festivity.


Theater Etiquette

How does a student know what is expected of him or her if that student has never before attended a live performance? To help answer that question and provide a road map for proper theatre etiquette, download this helpful guide.

Theater Etiquette PDF (English)

Etiqueta de Teatro PDF (Español)

Upcoming Events

Thu 15

Andy Weir

Thu, November 15 @ 7:30 pm
Sat 17

Holiday Art Fair: Earlier Than The Bird

Sat, November 17 @ 7:00 am - 11:00 am
Sat 17

6th Floor Project

Sat, November 17 @ 8:00 pm
Organizer: Del Valle Fine Arts
Sun 25

Handel: The Messiah

Sun, November 25 @ 3:00 pm

Call 925.373.6800 or email for tickets and information