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NASA Space Exploration Keynote Speaker and Coordinated Drone Display

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Called “the Indiana Jones of NASA,” astrobiologist Dr. Chris McKay of NASA’s Ames Research Center will be the keynote speaker at the inaugural Livermore Innovation Fair, “By Earth, By Water, By Air.” A joint project led by Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, Livermore Valley Education Foundation, tech-focused non-profit iGate, and Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, the fair will be held April 8, 2017 at the Bankhead Theater. The free event has been developed to spark interest and reinforce connections between the science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) disciplines for K-12 students and their families.

The opening ceremony for the Innovation Fair will take place at 11:00 a.m. with the raising of the American flag by drones coordinated by Pilot William Robinson, assisted by two other pilots. The flag will be raised into the air by four DJI drones as the national anthem is sung by the Cantabella Children’s Choir. Following the pledge of allegiance, Assembly women Catherine Baker, members of Congressman Eric Swalwell’s office, and the Livermore City Council will welcome attendees.

The family-friendly event will feature hands-on experiences, scientific displays, visual art, and technology experiments for all ages inside and outside the Bankhead, as well as live music performances on the plaza. “By Earth, By Water, By Air” has been generously funded in part by key sponsors: Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC, Lam Research, and Topcon Positioning Systems.

As a scientist at NASA, Dr. McKay ventures to some of Earth’s most extreme environments searching for the closest facsimiles he can find to Mars and other distant outposts. His mission is to learn how life might exist beyond our planet. At the Innovation Fair, he will talk about the search for a second genesis of life in our solar system, where we might find it, and how different it will be from life as we know it. He will also talk about the evolution of the solar system and plans for future Mars missions, including human exploration. Dr. McKay’s presentation will begin at 12:00 noon inside the Bankhead Theater. Admission is free.

Livermore Innovation Fair

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The first ever Livermore Innovation Fair is a joint project led by Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center (LVPAC), Livermore Valley Education Foundation (LVEF), local tech-focused non-profit iGate and Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District. Titled “By Earth, By Water, By Air,” the free event has been designed to energize Livermore students’ connection with the science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) disciplines. The event will be held on the Bankhead Theater plaza at 2400 First Street from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with the generous support of key sponsors, Lawrence Livermore National Security LLC, Topcon Positioning Systems, Lam Research, Devoxx4KidsUSA and Westcon.

The fair’s theme, “By Earth, By Water, By Air,” links the five STEAM disciplines and will be expressed in scientific displays, visual art, and technology experiments. The family-friendly event has been designed as equal parts science fair, high-tech exhibition, art show and community carnival. Throughout the Innovation Fair, hands-on experiences for all ages will be offered in rocketry, robotics, 3D printing, tele presence, drones, remotely operated vehicles (ROV), wood shop, virtual reality and more.

More than 12,500 students in the Livermore school district, spanning every grade from K-12, have been invited as well as their families, friends and other community members. The event is a unique opportunity to pull together these innovations in a single venue to reach a broad audience.

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center offers wide-ranging programs that provide access to the arts for the Tri-Valley community and beyond. In addition to welcoming diverse artists from every musical genre, theater, comedy and dance through its LVPAC Presents series, the Bankhead Theater, together with the Bothwell Arts Center, serves as home to nine resident performing arts companies and over 40 studio artists and cultural arts instructors.

LVPAC’s Education Program Manager Kiran Guleria, who also serves on the board of LVEF, has been involved in planning the event since it was first conceived last year and is excited to see it come together. “Everyone who attends will have an opportunity to see how STEAM developments interconnect in our world,” said Guleria. “These innovations will play a role in every aspect of our lives, impacting fields as diverse as manufacturing, medicine, product design, and entertainment.” The displays and presentations are scaled so attendees of all ages can interact and learn. “I hope that everyone will experience a sense of wonder and excitement as they explore the latest innovations,” she added.

Livermore has a long history of science and technology, rooted for decades in the work of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and Sandia National Laboratories. The Tri-Valley area is now increasingly becoming a hub for the next generation of research labs, start-ups and corporations. LVPAC, LVEF, LVJUSD and iGate hope to make the Innovation Fair an annual event, sharing with young people and the entire community how the latest STEAM developments will impact their future.

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center offers wide-ranging programs that provide access to the arts for the Tri-Valley community and beyond. In addition to welcoming diverse artists from every musical genre, theater, comedy and dance through its LVPAC Presents series, the Bankhead Theater, together with the Bothwell Arts Center, serves as home to nine resident performing arts companies and over 40 studio artists and cultural arts instructors. Visit: lvpac.org

Livermore Valley Education Foundation is dedicated to addressing contemporary funding challenges in Livermore public education. They provide a central community resource focused on sustaining excellence in education for all students across the city of Livermore, supporting programs for children, teens and teachers through donations, school block grants, matching grants, scholarships, teacher awards and more. Visit: livermorevalleyeducationfound.wordpress.com

Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District serves more than 12,500 students throughout Livermore with eight elementary schools, two K-8 schools, three middle schools, two comprehensive high schools and two alternative schools. Visit: livermoreschools.com

iGate is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a thriving startup community in the Tri-Valley. The Switch is an incubator and co-working shared space for startups, entrepreneurs and creatives located on Second Street in downtown Livermore. iGate also produces the NextTech Speaker Series which connects Bay Area founders, investors, executives and technology developers with the life sciences community in the East Bay. Visit: igateihub.org

Rhythmic Circus “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”

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Mixing hard-hitting percussive dance and a live rock band, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!” premiered in 2008 and has gone on to rave reviews, numerous awards, and sold-out venues across the country. The dancers of Rhythmic Circus joined forces with the seven-piece band’s big, brass sound and together they integrate an inventive style of rapid-fire tap with a variety of musical genres. Their exhilarating and dynamic show presents a wildly creative view into the indomitable power of the human spirit.

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center is proud to host Rhythmic Circus for an evening of a cappella singing, a percussive chair routine, tap number, and so many other lively performances. As you can see on the show’s website, “Heatbox” the human beatbox joins the swingin’ seven-piece funk band to accompany each tap, shuffle and stomp.

History of the Show

“Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!” debuted in the summer of 2008 in Minneapolis when the group’s dancers and founders teamed with a number of well-known musicians in the Twin Cities. What resulted was an inventive, unique style of tap with a variety of musical genres to create a wildly engaging show. For years since its debut, the show has garnered rave reviews and packed venues. “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!” took home a pair of SAGE Awards for Outstanding Ensemble and Performance, a Spirit of the Fringe Award, two Upper Midwest Emmys and was named “Best Dance Performance” by City Pages.

If you’ve never been to your local performing arts center or just want to enjoy an evening of live music and dancing, then “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now!” is for you! We’re certain that you’ll be jumping out of your seat and dancing to the beat of this genre-hopping music and hard-hitting percussive dance.

“An exuberant, toe-tapping, hand-clapping hour of music and dance that adults will enjoy as much as kids.” – Theater Mania

On Tap at Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center

Come join us for a variety of performances in April! Here’s what we currently have on our events calendar.

Monday, April 3 – The Naked Magicians

Friday, April 7 – The Wonder of Elvis: Tribute

Saturday, April 8 – Transfigurations

Thursday, April 13 – Arlo Guthrie

Saturday, April 15 – Come Together: The Beatles Concert Experience

Wednesday, April 19 – Abby Mann’s Judgment at Nuremberg

Friday, April 21 – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Sunday, April 23 – Breathtaking Brahms

Thursday, April 27 – Robert L. Gallucci

Friday, April 28 – Riders in the Sky

Saturday, April 29 – Lucie Arnaz

Sunday, April 30 – The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers

The Performance

Rhythmic Circus “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” will take place Friday, March 31 at 8 p.m. in the Bankhead Theater of the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center. Regular tickets range from $30 – $50. Tickets for students or active military are available for $16 (call to confirm.)Purchase now!

For the best theater experience in the area, choose LVPAC. Book your theater and concert tickets today so that you ensure your spot at some of the most highly anticipated musical shows, entertainment shows, and operas of the year.

Intergalactic Nemesis — Twin Infinity

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Intergalactic Nemesis lands with a new and thrilling graphic novel adventure, merging retro radio show with comic book magic to create unforgettable, one-of-a-kind live theater. Three actors voice dozens of characters, a Foley artist creates sound effects, and a pianist plays a cinematic score, while over 1,250 hand-drawn, full-color comic book images fill the stage. This unique multimedia experience guaranteed to bring out the 12-year-old in everyone will leave behind a space-age aura of wonder that lasts for days.

“Great fun! A happily retro multimedia extravaganza!” —New York Post

Friday, March 17 @8pm

It’s Magic

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A Thrilling New Show of Magic and Mystery

It's MagicAn all new show of award-winning performers from across the magical arts spectrum combines comedy with sleight of hand and spectacular stage illusions to enthrall, mystify and delight audiences of all ages. 

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Building Biologically Inspired Nano-Bots

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This presentation will discuss the use of both synthetic and molecular biology approaches to produce small nano-machines, termed nano-bots, with defined and measurable characteristics. The main building blocks for these nano-bots are based on nano-lipo-protein particles (NLPs).

Saturday 11:15am

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